Wilderness & Remote First Aid

Courses that give you the skills to save lives

The outdoors can be a fun and exhilarating place to explore and find wonder, however, it doesn't come without a price. Accidents can happen and the first time it does, you need to be ready.

Outdoor safety

This course teaches advanced skills to be used in emergencies when help from professional first responders may be far away or delayed due to disasters. People who enjoy outdoor sports such as rock climbing, camping, boating, hunting, off roading, hiking or simply live in rural areas will benefit from this training. This course goes far beyond what youmay know as "first aid".While it contains substantial medical information and teaches skills required formedical emergencies in the wild, the deeper purposeis to train participants to manage acute situations. Emergencies, big or small, may be charged with emotion and confusion. Even minor chaos increases the risk of injury to rescuers and bystanders, as well as the risk of inadequate care for the patient.

Emergencies most often call for a leader to be directive, up to and after the scene is safe and the patient is stabilized. You very well may find this one of the most valuable programs you ever completed. Based on the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines, this course aligns with OSHA’s Best Practices for Workplace First Aid Training Programs.

Topics include

  • Patient Assessment
  • Chest Injuries
  • Shock
  • Head/Brain and spinal injuries
  • Bone and Joint injuries
  • Abdominal Problems
  • Wounds and wound infection
  • Hypothemia
  • Heart problems
  • Lighting
  • Altitude Illnesses
  • Submersion incidents
  • Allergies and anaphylaxis
  • Wilderness First Aid Kits
  • Digital certificate available upon successful completion of course
  • Must be at least 14 years old and hold current adult CPR/AED certification
  • 2 Year Certification
  • Course lenght is 16hrs
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