Dan Trauma Kit

Fully stocked, this kit is designed to be used to provide care for major traumas in a remote setting. A durable Pelican® case ensures that all of your supplies are safely stored and protected in any environment.

• Pelican® 1500 case
• 8 dressings/trauma pads, 5" x 9"
• 6 dressings/trauma pads, 8" x 10"
• 10 dressings/sterile gauze, 4" x 4" (2/pkg.)
• 6 bloodstopper dressings
• 1 sterile bandage/conforming gauze, 3"
• 1 topical anesthetic/antiseptic wipe
• 1 cloth tape, 1" x 10 yds.
• 2 triangular bandages
• 3 instant cold packs, 5" x 6"
• 2 scissors/EMT shears, 4"
• 1 heatsheet blanket, 56" x 84"
• 4 topical eye wash 4 oz
• 10 pair nitrile gloves with bio and hand wipe in baggie
• 1 cloth tape, 1" x 10 yds.
• 6 triangular bandages
• 12 sterile gauze dressings, 2" x 2" (2/pkg)
• 20 non-sterile gauze dressings, 4" x 4"
• 30 sterile gauze dressings, 4" x 4" (2/pkg.)
• 3 QuikClot Sport dressings, 25 g/pack
• 3 QuikClot Sport dressings, 50 g/pack
• 8 sterile conforming gauze bandages, 3"
• 8 sterile conforming gauze bandages, 2"
• 2 cloth tapes, 1" x 10 yds.

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Advanced Lifesaving Solutions was created by Cecil and Rich promoting their desire for safety training in the community. Combining their passion for adventure with an emphasis on safety they created  Waterdogs Scuba and Safety LLC. Advanced Lifesaving Solutions is a division of their brain child and has been in action since 2012. They both served many tours in combat where applying their lifesaving skills was put to a test. They bring that knowledge to life by preparing others to deal with situations they might face on any given day.

One incident (closer to home) that happend to Cecil "In 1983 my six week old daughter stop breathing and for thirty minutes I had to provide cpr for her until EMS could arrive. If I had not been trained, the results would have been different. That incident has been a driving force in the developement of our company. I have maintained my certifications ever since as well as being an instructor for almost 15 years".


Give us a call and we will sign you up for the class date that best suits you. The lives of your loved ones or a complete stranger may depend on your skills one day.